Final editing of Unicorn Sacrifices is complete, with just a small piece to be sorted at the end. Final steps are being progressed to prepare this book of eBook format. I hope to be able to issue this book free of charge. In essence, it is the same story as Unicorn – Journey Beyond Forever. However, this has some additional scenes that were not included in the original and it is important that they remain hidden until this time. Effectively, this story is #5 in The Occasion Mists series and is to be read after Cobwebs of Pearl and before The Little’s Voyage.

In the coming week I will be trying to see if it is feasible to set the book up on my own website and allow it to be downloaded for free. If I cannot go down this route then I will prepare the story in the various eBook formats and anyone will be able to email me and I will email the story directly to them.

I still have a cover to design for this story and, even though I have existing ones that could be used, I am having ideas about other designs, as well as a possible title change. I will not be using the same cover that I produced for the paperback version (currently unavailable to the public).

Unicorn Sacrifices – Free Book

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